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7. Scope out the Local Fitness Scene

4Try to find healthy activities that you are excited about at your destination.  If you are a crossfitter, look up a local box.  If you are a yogi, find a nearby yoga studio.  At a beach?  Grab a surf or stand up paddle board lesson.  Some fitness institutions allow free drop-ins or have promotions for out-of-towners.  Not only is it a great way to maintain your exercise regimen while traveling, it can be an authentic way to connect with those in your temporary community and feel a part of something while in transit.  Who knows?  You might make some lifelong friends or learn something new.

8. Walk and Workouts Every Day

8If you want to get your sweat on but don’t want to spend any money, exploring your destination on foot and make up your own workout is an amazing way to sneak in some exercise while traveling.  Grab a map, get lost, get found, and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of where you are.  If you’re staying somewhere with a fitness facility, make yourself a hotel workout using their equipment, head to a park for a bodyweight workout using the playground equipment, hit up the pool, and remember that you can get in a good workout just about anywhere by combining things like pushups, sit-ups, squats, and sprints! This is a great way to find hidden gems that aren’t in the travel guides.

9. Rent a Bike

9Cover more ground while torching calories by renting a bike.  Many major cities have bike share programs, or you could contact a local bike store to inquire about bike rentals.  Grab a bike map of the city, research day trips and pack a picnic, and get exploring.  If you’re traveling for fun and have an open schedule, you could even research bike tours – many cities offer them and are a great way to cover a large distance in a short amount of time while avoiding motorized vehicles.


10. Pack your Gym Gear, Vitamins, and Supplements

10It is a lot harder to find motivation to work out while traveling if you don’t have the gear that you need!  Always pack gym gear so that you have no excuse not to exercise, and consider bringing some light weight equipment like a skipping rope to boost your workouts on the road.  If you regularly take vitamins and supplements, pack yourself a supply for the duration of your travel so that you can maintain your routine while you are away.  Keeping up with healthy habits can have a snowball effect where if you maintain healthy aspects of your regular routine, you are motivated to make other healthy choices with respect to your food and exercise while on vacation.

11. Keep a Dictionary at Hand

11If you are traveling somewhere with a different language, pack a dictionary and keep it close to help you navigate the menu and make healthy food choices.  You can’t avoid deep fried food and rich sauces if you don’t know that they’re in there!  Look up the words that you don’t understand to help you learn about cooking methods and ingredients so that you can choose healthy food.


12. Get outside and enjoy yourself

12After all, you’re on vacation, right? “It’s always more fun to go kayaking or scuba diving or hiking when those options are available,” says Waters. “But it’s important to be physically fit so you can partake in these adventures.” Instead of just lying on the beach all day soaking up rays or heading to the bar with co-workers after a long day of projects, try to be active doing things native to your trip location. Not only will you have a blast doing something out of the ordinary, you’ll be getting in some exercise as well.


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