How to Plan an Around the World Trip


Planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

We know that figuring out an around the world trip can be challenging. That’s why we’re sharing our best long-term travel planning resources: to help take the mystery and frustration out of the process.

No matter what type of long-term travel you’re planning, be it an Around the World Trip, a Multi-city Remote Year in Europe or South America or a Pacific Circle Trip, we’re here to help you figure out how to best see the world. For over 20 years, Tifa Travels and Tours Ltd. has been creating easy to navigate, flexible trips for all types of travelers and we’re here to help you figure out the best itinerary for you.

Our years of experience of working with people on their Around the World and Multi-Destination airfare have taught us a few lessons on how to plan your trip and we are here to share that information with you. On this page you’ll find links to numerous Tifa travel planning resources — use them to help you figure out how to plan an Around the World trip that’s affordable, efficient and just plain awesome! Our personal travel consultants are also available to answer your questions and help you book a trip. You can call them on 08157550588, 08157550573 or 08157550539

Ready to get started? Here’s how to plan an Around the World Trip:

Use these resources to make your around the world trip great from the very beginning, from that first glimmer of a travel idea until the moment you leave for the airport.

Where should I go? Tips to help you decide which places to include on your around the world trip, depending on your personal preferences. 08157550573

How to save money for long-term travel We have designed a platform for those dreaming of traveling someday to enable them to bring their dreams to reality in a short while. 08157550588

Vacation Package Alternatives How to create flexible vacation packages for yourself. 08157550573

How to create a travel budget Advice on controlling your expenses on the road and how to figure out what your around the world trip will cost. 08157550573

Who should I travel with? Our best insights on how to choose traveling companions and what it’s like to travel solo, as a couple, with children, and more on an around the world trip. 08157550573

How do I book my tickets? The ins and outs of the AirTreks around the world ticket booking process. Practical info. 08157550540

Insurance This just may be the most important thing you take with you on your around the world trip (after your passport).

Packing, gear, and technology What to take with you and how to keep your bags light (and avoid those pesky excess baggage fees). 08157550588

Where should I stay? Advice on finding good accommodations. 08157550573


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