A Taste of Vietnam

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A holiday to Vietnam promises a blissful experience. Discover bustling cities such as Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City and the capital Hanoi. Inhale deeply as you reach the beautiful mountainous area around Sapa and maybe even glimpse Indochina’s tallest peak, Fansipan. Relax in Halong Bay as a cruise takes you past some of the staggering 3,000 limestone islands, or zone out on the beaches of Nha Trang, UNESCO listed Hoi An and the unspoilt island of Con Dao.
Exciting cities – Ho Chi Minh City, with its bustling restaurant culture, market places and grand museums. Hoi Ann and its Chinese inspired tombs and pagodas and the grand old lady of the orient, Hanoi. Having served as the country’s capital for nearly a thousand years, Hanoi now provides Vietnam with its cultural heart.

Breath-taking landscapes – Vietnam’s varying terrain has resulted in a land of spectacular diversity from north to south. Over 2000 limestone karsts rising dramatically out of the seas in Halong Bay create an enchanted, timeless and almost mystical world while the rich and lush Mekong Delta provides a soothing landscape of green fields and sleepy villages.

History & culture – An ancient and glorious history as well as a culture that has come under varied influences, from Chinese to European and later on American has left behind a striking heritage of beautiful temples, ruins of once powerful cities and colourful traditional festivals. Explore a vibrant past and find out what makes the culture of Vietnam unique as you travel through a country that is proud of its national identity and eager to show off its best to visitors.

Beach resorts – With over 3400 kilometres of coastline, Vietnam is home to some of the best beaches and beach resorts in Asia. Infinite stretches of warm blue water, hidden coves, lovely lagoons and tropical islands provide plenty of options to choose from whether you are travelling with the family or simply looking for a quiet beach vacation.

Exquisite cuisine – Vietnam’s cuisine is as diverse as its landscapes or cultural traditions and goes beyond pho (noodle soup) and spring rolls. Elemental and fresh, Vietnamese food varies with the regions and is a concert of elegant herbs, lovingly prepared broths, and expertly cooked meat and best of all – it’s eaten on the street.

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